The Pro’s and Con’s of Pro Flight Simulator

Hi I’m Lindy and this is my honest review of the Pro Flight Simulator game. I am going to cover the good and the bad so if your looking to purchase a flight sim then read this if you just want to go straight to the site CLICK HERE

Possibly the most popular flight simulator game on the marketing today would pro flight simulatorhave to be the Pro 1planeFlight Simulator. The smash hit video game. With this game you play with a real model of the world courtesy of “Google Maps” including real landmarks and landscapes.

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This flight simulator charts the exact solar system and climates in real time so you have the realistic weather conditions. You are able to observe the entire world from within the aircraft of your choice.

All the aircraft in the game are modeled exactly the same as the real aircraft.

Over 120 aircraft are offered with the game and more are added all the time

. Every pc game today has its disadvantages and advantages so we will look at some of the pro’ s and con’ s of Pro Flight Simulator

Pro’ s

* The application of this game is very practical compared to other simulation games * Extremely near to reality including aircraft tendencies, landscapes, planetary alignments and motion.

* Over 20 thousand real airports to land and take off from. Reviews of the Pro Flight Simulator note that it stood out from other flight sims because of its focus on detail. The professional detail, 20,000 airports, 120 different aircraft including F16′s, Migs, Concords, Airliners, Helicopters and more. The bonus of 4 extra Products given at no extra change, which no other flight simulator video game provides.

1: Interactive landscape designer

2: Kelpie Flight Plotter

3: FREE Combat Flight Simulator Game

4: Professional Aircraft flying instructions manual.

Chatting and flying with this Flight Simulator game has been exceptionally developed. The owners of this flight simulator are so confident with their product that they offer a no questions asked 60 days money back guarantee. With Pro Flight Simulator you will have free unlimited updates which is most important for keeping everything up to date.

Con’ s

* The file size of this flight simulator is huge and will take a while to download if you have a slow internet connection. However you are able to upgrade this software to DVD.

* Because of the variety of maps and aircraft, it may take a while to sort out the download.

The downloads are actually sorted by categories and as soon as you begin the game it makes it easier for playing.

In Concluding

There is no doubt at all that the Pro Flight Simulator probably the best flight simulator games available today. With the terrains, options, and aircraft in this game the sounds and the way it plays makes it stand out from its competitors. This is the game to purchase if you are new or a veteran of simulation games. Plus there is a special 50% discount on the Pro Flight Simulator for a short period of time. Click Here to See

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